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Chronolabs Cooperative is an Honesty and Honour based systems if you owe us money then fill out an Invoice & make payment with the details provided; we accept all cards!

We do Debt Collect at Times!

BitCoin: 1J8QKBEeHX7be8fBE8DyRBHwP52QhBjiZN

Every donation you make goes to the operation costs of this network! This includes hours spent developing systems of interest and other thing in the business of Chronolabs Cooperative!

You can also buy life time membership from our main shop which is $ 35.00 AUD – as soon as we can afford it you will receive a plastic minted Chronolabs cooperative membership card with your photo on it and membership number. This card can be a door way to new perception and understanding and a riot of fun to keep in the wallet!